Expired Domain Not Updating After Renewal

ID: LFYLVS, Domain: http://feiyangliu.com/

Hello, my domain recently expired, and I lost access to all contents on my website. However, after I renewed my domain using the same provide NameCheap, my website is still not updating, and showing a default blank page with unrelated text. I never changed any settings on InfinityFree, and I couldn’t figure out if this is caused by NameCheap or my Hosting. Any help is appreciated

Hey there!

I see a directory index page, which means that your files are not in the correct spot.

Can you make sure that all of your website’s files are uploaded to the htdocs folder?

(Also, please don’t mix nameservers. You can remove all of the byet.net ones)


A domain name expiring is something between you and your domain registrar. It doesn’t affect your hosting.

Are you sure about that? It looks like you removed the domain from your account and added it again yesterday. But the original domain of your account is linked to the main htdocs folder, and by removing and adding it again, it got added as an addon domain which gets it’s own directory.

To fix this, simply move the files from the main htdocs folder to the feiyangliu.com/htdocs folder.


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