Experiencing Several Search bar Issues On My Client Site Site

I am a freelancer web developer. I am experiencing a search bar data duplicate issues on my site, but one of the main problems seems to be the forum. Currently, I only have the size rang and forums set up, results didn’t found on the search bar as per content.

You can try it by using any wedding dress, term in search bar.

Here is the website:

The link is hidden by MOD because some of the content is infected

How can I fix this issue and prevent search bar result content from coming from the forum?



Sorry but this forum is for InfinityFree hosting users only

You need to hide the dir listings of content on that server with .htaccess rule
because in several projects (.zip and live) you have WP config publicly available with access data inside !

besides, your sparta is infected ! more than 600+ files is infected

OXY AV log.txt - if you are curious (121.4 KB)



For now we will treat you as innocent
but please don’t post any more links
because we will consider it as an attack on the users of this forum
because you may be deliberately spreading viruses here.

Thank you


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