Experiencing issues with phpMyAdmin?

Username - epiz_30414574

Error Message

Error establishing a database connection and when i access mySqL database. Experiencing issues with phpMyAdmin? Log out of your control panel, clear cookies and sessions [not available in all browsers] and log back into your control panel and try again…

So im kindly request you to solve this problem. Thankyou.

Other Information


Thankyou for your reply. But i tried this one so can you give any other ideas to solve this.

This my business website so i want this website to be active.

Sorry i seen all the ways but i can not find the solution. Please solve this problem for me.

This is normal for some components of IF to load slowly after a downtime. So just have patience. hope that helps!

Sorry i was waiting from yesterday 7.P.M. and im configured most popular settings to speed up my website and my website load in 1.15S this website i developed - https://techyblog.cf this website 494 ms just if you have a free time take a look. Thankyou

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