Expand the max account limit because mofh supports unlimited accounts

Please expand the max account limit to at least 5-10 accs because mofh supports unlimited accounts.

As someone who has been using this platform for over six years and has hosted hundreds of thousands of websites on it, I can tell you for certain that you cannot have unlimited accounts.

The official rules are clear: you can have at most three free hosting accounts per person.

iFastNet doesn’t enforce this rule like that themselves. However, they do suspend accounts if they see one person is creating a lot of them. I’m not sure if I can disclose the exact numbers, but I know them and I can tell you they exist.

Initially, both iFastNet and we didn’t enforce any account limit. Then all of a sudden, iFastNet decided enough was enough and started limiting the actual number of accounts. Cue angry people “you lied to me, I created hundreds of accounts and now they are all gone!”

After discussion with them, we decided together that we would enforce the official rules in the client area. Which is: three accounts per person.

Creating any more accounts than that is a violation of our terms of service and grounds for termination of all your accounts. So don’t do it.


MyOwnFreeHost is limited to 3 websites because of spam and abuse.