Existing file not found

i have a file called “Internetseite_Löten.html”, but when I want to open it (I have a button to do that) it says “Error 404”. I also tried to go to that page directly but it still said error 404.

I have other buttons, too, wich are working. When I take a linf from them and paste it in the button with a problem, I still get error 404.

Here is my website: http://plat00n.epizy.com/index.html

I hope someone can help me

In JavaScript.js, the functions name is Löten_00 not L[o]ten_00, this is a character encoding error.

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I now changed all “ö” to “oe” but it still doesn’t work

Can you try also changing it in JavaScript.js?

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I changed it there, too

Line 636?

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I canged it and it still doesnt work

Clear cache and try again


Thanks, it works now


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