Executing or Running .php code from my site?

Hello, I’m new here and lots of my friends suggested this site, we are all IT student, and learning or building some website hehe you know.

I’m wondering if I could run a .php code into my website like a code from github and I want it to run into my site like by visiting the myname.com - Diese Website steht zum Verkauf! - Informationen zum Thema myname. link or by running it via button click etc…

Wonder if I could, and if yes, How and it is available for free hosting plan or I should upgrade? Thank you so much and Have a safe day!


Yes, we provide PHP hosting. Just upload a file with the .php extension and it will be run through the PHP interpreter. This is the case with both free and paid hosting.


Wow, Thank you for the very quick response.

And do I also need some plugins for that to be installed or just put it inside “htdocs” folder and then going to /.php link? Thank you!!

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no you don’t need to, just visit that file and it’ll execute.


Ohh well, very thankful!

I have this one last question, It is possible to call or run a php script via onclick function? Like after clicking that button, the php code from github will run and get a data from the textfield? Thank you!!

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Yes, you can. From the onclick Javascript function, you can launch an AJAX request to your PHP code, or redirect the current page to your PHP script. Although, in both of those cases, your Javascript code would need to gather the form input to send.

Alternatively, you could skip the Javascript and just use a basic HTML form element with a submit button an an action attribute which points to your PHP script. You don’t need to implement yourself what every browser from the last 20+ years can do for you (looking at you, stupid smooth scroll plugins).

That said, I am a curious on why you keep referring to GitHub. Did you just find the code there? Or do you actually intend to run things directly “from GitHub” somehow?


Thank you @Admin, you really such a nice man.

Actually, I’m making a site like a All in One tools hehe. Like the js minifier, decryptor, obfuscator, converter and css are there. I found those free php code then I want it to run the php codes into my infinity site.

Since I’m a script-kiddie. That’s all I can do. And I’m so glad that I found this quick-reply forum hehe.

Okay, fair Warning to ALL SCRIPT KIDDIES, do not use scripts to ddos or stress servers. Otherwise, you will be facing consequences. Other than that, minifiers (whitespace remover), decryption, obfuscator, etc. are okay. Although, the php execution time limit is 20 seconds, so if you convert stuff via php and it takes 20 second or more, you will get errors.


Thank you! I’m not actually a script-kiddie that you know, like I just don’t know what I am xD. I’ve starting coding and developing since I was 12 years old and now I am 17 yrs old, a senior highschool IT student. But I also use or copy source codes from github or other sources, that is why I claim my self a script-kiddie xD. Thanks for the advice, I hate blackhats.

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