PHP exec function need to be enabled but seems to be disabled. Please enable the PHP exec function and try it again!

How i can aktivate exec, in the “General PHP Info” i can see exec i disabled ?

i need exec for a ts3 script for my server

@NosyShow said:
i need exec for a ts3 script for my server

What do you mean your server?

A admin script for my Teamspeak3 server ?

Shell scripts and shell commands are completely blocked on InfinityFree, there is no way to execute system commands. And even if you could replicate your script in PHP, all non-standard ports are blocked for security reasons, so your website would not be able to communicate with the TeamSpeak server to begin with.

If you need to manage a TeamSpeak server, please do that from the TeamSpeak server itself. If you want to embed stats in your website, you should look for a script which can expose those statistics via HTTP which you can pull in from your website code.

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Ok, thanks for the answer