Excluir conta

Desejo excluir minha conta e desvincular meu domínio da infinityfree o mais rápido possível

Hi and welcome to the forum! Please note that this is an English-speaking forum and so you must speak in English or at least provide an accurate translation of your content. Since you didn’t do that I’m gonna translate it for you:

Well, due to legal reasons we aren’t allowed to delete your account right away; this is also written in this article, which also has the solution to your problem:


We can’t delete your account right away. We say and explain this everywhere.

But none of your accounts have any domains. You appear to have deleted them from your accounts before deactivating them, which means the domains are free to be used somewhere else. You can assign them to an account with us, or any other hosting provider, right now.

If you’re having trouble assigning your domain to an account with us, please explain what issue you’re having exactly so we can solve the actual problem you’re having. If you’re having trouble setting up your domain with another provider, please ask this new provider for help, because we have no control over either your domain or the hosting from a different provider.


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