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Hello, i have been getting this error message from google search console for some pages when i request them for indexing ( Excluded by ‘no index’ tag), but when i check back i find out that my whole website and pages are tagged to index weather its from the rank math plugin or by viewing the page source of the pages. What could be my issue here?

Hopefully obvious question, but do you have any noindex tag set on any pages?

This article from Rank Math lists a large number of ways that pages could be set to noindex. Do the affected pages have any of these tags set?

If you recently fixed it, please consider that it may take some time for Google to recheck your site and update the results.


Yes I definitely have the ‘index’ option set to my pages, but I think your advice that google take time to index my pages is right because my homepage appeared on Google but the rest didn’t. So I’m going to give it some time, thanks!

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