Exclude some sites from my account blacklist

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

Oops… Your server is blocking the access to Freemius’ API, which is crucial for Ashe Pro synchronization. Please contact your host to whitelist api.freemius.com, wp.freemius.com
Error received from the server:(object) array( ‘code’ => ‘28’, ‘message’ => ’ Resolving timed out after 10000 milliseconds’, ‘type’ => ‘CurlException’, )

Other Information

Could you help me to whitelist those 2 websites, sir :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, you cannot use those services on free hosting.

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Then, how to nonactivate SSL certificate in my website?


Did you mean activate? You can get a free certificate from Infinity.


I want to delete my SSL Certificate, because it made some important thing on my website didnt work well. Like I mentioned before.

I have a website conflicting with SSL certificate requirement. It stopped my theme.

You want to remove SSL? Just delete it from the control panel and clear your cache.

Hmm, the message says:

Your server is blocking the access TO Freemius’ API

Emphasis mine.

So all the answers about bot protection and SSL certificates may be relevant, because your question is about the connection from your code with us to the API of Freemius, not from Freemium to an API on your website.

Just to be clear: do you get this error on your (WordPress?) website with us, or on a management area at Freemius?

As for the issue itself:

This seems there is a problem looking up the DNS records of Freemius. But they are using Cloudflare nameservers, which are pretty sturdy. It could be a temporary issue with DNS resolution on our end. Do you still get this exact error right now?

Surprizingly the problem is gone for some unknown reason. Thank you for your answer. I really appreciate you guys really care about my problem, even I am still a free user.

Superb Infinityfree.!

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