Example.com is is coming

when ever i try to reach my domain thespacedust.com it is redirected to example.com idk why? can someone explain

just go to your cpanel and folow the steps

in domian section find redirects and then and send sreen shot after pressing alter redirect so i can help ouy

i just noticed its not happening with its subdomains

Ok can you give me time


do you use wordpress?? What thing you use

Did you also had that login issue

yes wp


As of i ressearched there no kind of this issue in the open communitee ( where i asked help) they say that this is a open domian and for test purpose.

I even asked to known thecies they seen this issue but no answer found let me ask to some more people

ok thanks
why only i face so many problems :frowning:

it is little wiern in sence

see really i would suggest you to atleast get a freenom domain

i even used to have this issue with infinty free subdomain and never got any solution so i left it and transvered everything to freenom domain

it looks better .ga is my faviroite

cloudflare is handling my dns rn not IF

then something on cloud fare side go to cloud fare dashboard and check for redirects it may be the solution

i didnt added any redirect value manually so i dont think it would benefit

If you tried any of the methods from this article, please note that the documentation uses example.com as, well, an example. For the actual fix, you’ll want to replace example.com with thespacedust.com.

The response headers show that WordPress is doing the redirect.