Everything is broken lol

Basically, I recently installed a free SSL certificate, forced all traffic to HTTPS. and…well, https://www.vsvr.ga/ isn’t looking too good.

Was it always like this before you enabled and force https connection?

No, it was working fine before.

I suspect it’s about mixed content but not really sure.

Please try installing and activating a plugin called Really Simple SSL and enable an option that will fix Mixed Content.

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Alright thanks! I’ll try it out.

" vsvr.ga redirected you too many times."

I forgot that you can’t activate a plugin because of the missing error, I tried it now and I can’t install all of the plugins I tried to install.

Weird. I activated some plugins like 3 hours ago.

Hmm well I tried installing a bunch of plugins on my test site recently and none even would install because of the zlib issue.

I go to File Manager > Unzip the plugin I need locally > Upload > Activate. Works for me.

Oh yeah I forgot lol, well I guess you should proceed activating the Really Simple SSL plugin.

Oh, your domain has been suspended?

It’s back up now, but it’s wonky if you go to it now.

I can’t even go to my Admin dashboard. It just says it redirected me too many times.

In that case, you have probably messed up the wordpress URL structure, or a plugin is doing so, or a missconfigured URL, like accessing www.example.com when the actual URL is example.com (That’s what I read atleast)
How to Fix Error Too Many Redirects Issue in WordPress

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