Every time I update files on ftp (I have an issue to see changes in any browser)

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Every time I update files on ftp, I don’t see any changes on browser site (google chrome, firefox, ie, any browser doesn’t matter), and all the rest of users have the same problem on any computer the site opened.
If I do Ctrl+F5 reload (Force browser clear the cash), I can see the changes, but it is very inconvenient.
I thought it is a cash problem I I need to take care buy myself somehow (such as add specail script on every page of the site) to force a browser to refresh it, but I checked couple of different hostings and with exact same files, there are work just fine.

But I do like your hosting and thought to Upgrade to Premium.

So, My question: 1. Is it this problem occur because of free hosting and when I switch to Premium the problem will gone?

  1. Or Is it the way to change some settings on my current site to make similar behavior as on different hostings when all the browsers works when I update files there.

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The issue is the cache on your browser, as you have already discovered.

As for how you can solve it, you can manage it with .htaccess. Do note that you will have to clear your cache to implement the rule though.


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