Even with Premium Hosting, HotLinks aren't working

We started our website on infinity free, but we need hot links and we were getting blocked.
Their site points to an article that says if we upgrade, our links will not get blocked.

Now we have upgraded, and we’re still getting blocked even though the toggle switch says “Hot Links are disabled. Click to enable”

SCREENSHOT : https://cdn.filestackcontent.com/B1AxNZcNTTiqRE1oOl0p

More specifically, we are trying to retrieve metadata in a .json file, but are met with the error “Invalid response, expected 200 but got 403 for URL: https://ourwebsite.com/metadata/0.json

Please, what do we have to do to make this work?

For clarification, the second link is not our real file. Replaced with a placeholder domain.

Maybe click the “enable” button? Anyway, you shouldn’t be asking this here. Ask iFastNet at support.ifastnet.com


no. the enable button stops hotlonks

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