Even though I have installed SSL on my site the connection is not secure

I installed ssl on my website which is called: stargrabnova.online but it keeps telling me that the connection is not secure, I also tried to open it with https instead of http but the problem persists, I don’t see any errors in the installation

Hi and welcome to the forum! You’ll also have to force HTTPS on your website, and here’s a guide to do that:


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The problem continues to persist, even if infinityfree tells me that the ssl certificate is active it still doesn’t work, consider that I also tried with wordpress which gives .htacces, trying again it says “A trusted SSL Certificate was not found”

Please provide more information. Where do you see the issue, and what are you trying to do?
Can you share a screenshot?


What problem?

No issue to me


Adding to which KangJL said:

I believe this comes from Softaculous. Softaculous always says that, even if there is an active certificate.

So you can just safely ignore the message, as HTTPS is apparently working.


Problem solved, the problem was due to some settings on my computer which meant I wasn’t viewing the site correctly, thank you all for your availability

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