Esoterick unban in gamesense my UID 818


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I dont understand what you said. can you please make it more clear?

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Hello, I got banned in gamesense two years ago and the creator of this forum where I got banned is the admin of this forum and I ask him to remove the ban in “”

Your site works for me. Can you please say your error?

unban me;(

We dont mess with your files. You did. We cant do anything about it. Sorry!

Or you can contact the admin of this site?
he is the owner of two hosts “” and “

I dont think Admin is the maker of that forum.

Are you absolutely sure?

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Yes, I am sure

Please tell him to see this topic

“Admin” is the name assigned to the owner of the form. Every form created probably has someone named “Admin”, they are all different people. You need to contact the owner of this other website to see why you got banned, and to possibly allow you to access the form again.


contact their support

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You just don’t understand, I’ve been trying for two years All the moderators of this forum don’t give a damn about me I need the main admin to talk to him

I found out today that the administrator of the forum where I was banned by the administrator of the forum “


I was given information on this

by whom? As green reader said before, Every forum has a person named admin.

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Did you even read the responses?

Please contact the support of this forum, just because someone has the same screen name, does not mean they are the same people in real life. Unless you have further evidence to back up your claim, we cannot do anything.

I understand this, but I have information that the person under the admin is the creator of the forum “” You can ask to see this thread