/errors redirects to freeresultsguide.com

My website URL is: oneup.life

What I’m seeing is: oneup.life/errors redirects to freeresultsguide.com

So I’ve recently started hosting here due to all the great features this site has to offer, but the errors page redirects to this odd site called freeresultsguide.

There was a forum topic about it here, but that only explains that errors is a reserved name.

While I have moved my errors to /error, I do not want /errors to show this page, how do I get rid of it and/or any other reserved names like it?

If my memory serves, the errors folder in the Apache webserver has some kind of special meaning which means it cannot be used for regular web pages. As to why this behavior manifests itself in this way I don’t know, but I’m going to try to find out.

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