/errors/ redirects me to dead site


I store my error html pages in there and while trying to access it redirects me to another site:

There is no index php/html inside the folder but there are two files: 403.html and 404.html
I’m unable to clear cache on that site because it redirects me too fast…

/errors is a reserved folder for the system. Try using /error instead.

It looks like the redirect is caused by an index file…


Let me try rename the folder.

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https://mine-wind.ml/error/404.html - works fine
In my .htaccess file I have:
RewriteRule ^404$ 404.html
RewriteRule ^403$ 403.html
This means i should be able to access the file 404.html with 404. Works fine for me with other files. Rewrite Engine is on, do i need to create another htaccess in the /error folder??
404.html works-
404 =

and provides me with

I am not an htaccess expert, but I think you created an endless redirect. The code is searching for anything with 404 and redirecting it to 404.html, but since 404.html also includes 404, its just redirecting you over and over.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

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Do you have any Cloudflare page rules or something like that setup on those URLs? When I try to open them, the response headers don’t include any trace of our hosting platform, so could it be that some Cloudflare configuration is intercepting those requests before it even hits your hosting account?

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