Errors in css for a mini audio player

Hello, I am trying to host a mini audio player on one of my sites. The css is throwing error while on my local apache it work.

Here it is:

Status code I am seeing is:
Request Method:
Status Code:
404 (from disk cache)

And net::ERR_ABORTED 404

I am guessing it is because of the multiple “.” in the file name.

Let me know if that is the case.

Is your local apache server hosted on Windows?

Linux operating system which the infinityfree servers use is case sensitive, meaning that the cases must match and if you are trying to load jquery.mb.miniAudioPlayer.min.css then the name of the file that you try to load must be jquery.mb.miniAudioPlayer.min.css as well.


Can you share your website’s URL and where the file is expected to be loaded from?


Maybe try to clear your browser cache and then try again?


Yes, local apache is on Windows. File name is used exactly as seen on the HDD. In fact, a relevant js file with similar name “jquery.mb.miniAudioPlayer.js” loads fine.

I am unable to post my code here as the “link” element in my “head” element, seems to be getting removed, after I save my post.

Sure, but I will DM you.

Yep, tried all that, with Chrome developer tools under F12. I will DM you my website page where this is happening

Added a screenshot to show the issue in development tools

@Ziverre @ChrisPAR DM’ed you the URL. @Admin is not receiving messages, so couldn’t send it to you.

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I can confirm this isn’t an issue with a naming, as I uploaded a file with that name and it loads fine on my URL:

If you open your c/css directory in the online file manager, does the file with that naming appear there, and does it have the content you expect it to have? Can you take a screenshot of the folder’s contents or alternatively, temporarily enable Directory Listing on that folder so we can see what contents of it reach the web by adding this to an .htaccess file inside it:

Options +Indexes

Thank you! I attached the screenshot of the filename. I also updated the .htaccess to enable directory listing.

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Ding ding ding! The name of file contains jQuery, not jquery.


Ah, here’s the problem. The Q in jquery is capitalized; this is why you get issues.
As mentioned before, Linux systems are case-sensitive, which is why this happens.

The “Redirected to InfinityFree 404 error page” article explains this in detail:

You’ll need to either update the file to use a lowercase q, or update your link to something like this:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="c/css/jQuery.mb.miniAudioPlayer.min.css" />

Thank you so much @Ziverre @ChrisPAR. Sounds like that is the issue! lemme fix the file name just to confirm.

Awesome guys!! it is working now :grin: thanks again!


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