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Hi my username is iripulse and my website is
I’m having some issues with my Wordpress Template installation and some minor errors I’m always getting like plugin installation failures or search errors.
It’s been like 4 days since I’m having these issues. I tried solving them from other forums but it didn’t help

What sort of error do you get? I can try to help you but I need a bit more information than “some issues”, “some minor errors”, “installation failures” or “search errors”.

Can you please provide specific information about some of them? Like what exact error message do you see? What do you do that causes you to see that error?

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for example, right after I press the softaculous app intaller opens a new tab and asks my login credentials. which isn’t normal.

i allways got to that page withouth credential. And eaven if i insert the right credentials it won’t log in

We did have some issues with Softaculous this weekend, which may have caused some problems linking your control panel and Softaculous accounts.

I synchronized your account, and I can login to your Softaculous now. Can you please check if it works for you too?

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yes it works thank you.

the problem i was talking before was this:

Import Customizer Settings Failed!
WordPress debug mode is currently enabled on your website. This has interrupted the import process…
Kindly disable debug mode and try importing Starter Template again.
You can add the following code into the wp-config.php file to disable debug mode.
define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);`

I got this message when I try importing a starter template on my astra theme.
i tried what it it says to do which is to add the following code [define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);] into the wp-config.php file.
which I did but the error kept coming

Plugin Installation Failed
Plugin " Astra Widgets " installation failed.
There has been an error on your website. Read an article here to solve the issue.

Plugin Installation Failed
Plugin " WooCommerce " installation failed.
There has been an error on your website. Read an article here to solve the issue.

Allways trying to intalla a starter template

For the plugin installation failures:


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