Error with password protected folder: infinate login loop

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epiz_28145804 (Website for

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im logging in to my protected folder @ and i am logging in on the popup then it asks me to do it again and again… it is the right password.

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What are you using to protect the page?

Did you type the absolute path to the .htpasswd file in the “AuthUserFile” directive of your .htaccess?
It needs to be the absolute path. Something like this (your is different, of course):

AuthUserFile /home/vol4_4/

I used a small PHP script to find the full path to my hosting account. Just put this in a php file and open it in your browser.

  $rootDir = realpath($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]);
  echo $rootDir;

If it’s asking you for the password over and over again, that usually means it’s not the right password.

I checked the configuration on your account and I don’t see any obvious issues. Maybe try regenerating the configuration files? Maybe something went wrong while hashing the password.

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i know its the right password as it worked before…
interestingly, it works with the other account.

cpanel password protection

If so, please ignore my answer above.
I thought you had created the .htaccess and .htpasswd manually.


My suggestion would be to enter the cPannel, go to “Directory Privacy” and enter the page you are protecting. You will see a chart with the accounts in use, with a red delete button on the right-hand side. Click delete until the table is empty, that save and re-load the pannel. Go back to the privacy screen, and if the table is empty, recreate the password for the page.
Hope this helps!

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