Error with MySQL

Username epiz_32216920

Error Message TRIGGER command denied to user ‘epiz_32216920’ for table ‘table’

Other Information I tryed to import .sql database

Likely due to this?


Maybe, It is good assumption. I tryed to install Datalife Engine Script

MySQL triggers are not supported on free hosting (along with most things that add custom logic to the database).

But I think other people here were able to run DataLife engine without running into this issue. So I wonder if the triggers are really part of DataLife or just stuff that ended up in the database on your old host. Perhaps you could try removing the triggers and import the DB without them.


Thank you for answering!
When I install not tuned DataLifeEngine, it works because script automaticly adds tables to database, but when I install DataLifeEngine script, i need import MySQL database by myself. When i try to import database, error masage appears and some tables are created, but engine shows an error, so I think some content is not imported

Yes, I guessed as much.

Where did this other MySQL dump come from? Is it from a site you backed up on a previous host?

As far as solutions go, my best recommendation remains:

And yes, if you import a database dump, the dump is halted when it encounters an error. So if you saw the error, you most likely have an incomplete database which will not work.


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