Error with hosting ftp

Hello, im trying to access the hosting via filezilla, normal ftp or monsta ftp but I can’t modify my files…

Hey there, and welcome!

Unfortunately, there some ongoing issues are revolving around FTP. Is your error message the same as the one that is reported below?

Yeah, it could be posted by someone, but I will be patient. Thanks.

Can you let me know if the error message you are getting is the same? It will be helpful in debugging.

This is the error: “Could not read the line from the socket.”

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The domain is this:

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Hello!!! I find the solution!!!: !!! nwn thanks anyway…

That’s the same as MostaFTP (same as the InfinityFree one) just that it’s themed as blue. But as long as it works!

Not working

Yes. It’s better if the official ftp hosting of the site works…

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