Error with 2FA because of webserver time

I’m getting and error with 2FA on my website since the webserver time is incorrect, it’s behind by 1-3 minutes but even that can break 2FA, I’m not sure how to fix it (which is why I’m here) so if anyone knows I’d be happy, thx in advance

Thanks for the notice - please have patience

It does not appear to have been corrected :thinking:

ok, I’ll wait for a reply or something saying it’s been resolved

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On which URL do you experience this issue? Remember: free hosting websites are hosted on multiple servers, so without knowing which server is out of sync, it’s hard to fix things.

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On the login page, I’ve disabled it in nl2_users for now & can’t enable it again since the time is wrong
It’d be something like but I’m not sure for certain

Thank you for sharing the URL. I checked the date on that server and it looks like it’s about 1.5 minutes behind. I’ll ask iFastNet to fix this.

Ok, thank you, can you tell me when it gets fixed?

It’s fixed already!

Oh! ok, thank you!

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