Error whilst trying to transfer to a new host

HTTP Request send, awaiting response . . No data received

We were unable to download a backup of your website from your previous hosting provider, due error “HTTP Request send, awaiting response . . No data received” . Please get in touch with them to see how we could download a backup of your website from their servers (click on the “All-in-One WP Migration” > “Backups” menu in your WordPress dashboard to see the backups). Please open a new migration request through the control panel of your Hostinger account informing your hosting login detail, or provide backup file in cloud storage such as, google drive, dropbox, or we-transfer.

Using backup plugins is not recommended here. They use a lot of resources and lead to suspensions. It’s recommended (Both by Wordpress themselves and by us) to backup your site manually.


Thank you for your answer!

So I know how to manually back up my site from cpanel but after i have the compressed files where do I upload them?

Thank you for your help in advance!

Ask your new host??


yes i did that and i have been talking with their customer service for hours now and tbh my website just became worse. Is there a way infinityfree can provide a back up from my website? Or is there a way i can access an older back up. bc everything on my wp dashboard have been deleted and i cannot find one.

We aren’t responsible for this; but the guide is always avaliable:

Hostinger also have guides on their KB about how to restore the backups manually:


okay, thank you!

I am almost done, i know what to do, but whenever i try to download or to copy or to basically do any actions with any of my files in cpanel->online file manager i got an error message: an unknown error occurred during download.

Can someone please help me in finding out what to do to resolve this issue?

Online file manager is known for being almost unusable these days.

Please use a desktop ftp client like FileZilla and follow this guide to learn how to use it:

It’s about uploading, but downloading is the same.


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