Error while installing Invision Community

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Account: epiz_28093966, Website:

Error Message

#0 /home/vol14_4/ IPS_Theme::addTemplate(Array)
#1 /home/vol14_4/ IPS_Application->installTemplates(false, 0, 150)
#2 /home/vol14_4/ IPS\core\Setup_Install->IPS\core\Setup{closure}(‘core’)
#3 /home/vol14_4/ IPS\core\Setup_Install->appLoop(Array, Object(Closure))
#4 /home/vol14_4/ IPS\core\Setup_Install->step9(Array)
#5 /home/vol14_4/ IPS\core\Setup_Install->process(Array)
#6 /home/vol14_4/ IPS\core\modules\setup\install_install->IPS\core\modules\setup\install{closure}(Array)
#7 /home/vol14_4/ IPS\Helpers_MultipleRedirect->__construct(Object(IPS\Http\Url), Object(Closure), Object(Closure))
#8 /home/vol14_4/ IPS\core\modules\setup\install_install->manage()
#9 /home/vol14_4/ IPS\Dispatcher_Controller->execute()
#10 /home/vol14_4/ IPS\Dispatcher_Setup->run()
#11 {main}

Other Information

I bought this and now I can’t install it :frowning:

Is this all that was shown? What you’ve shared here is what’s called a “stack trace”, not an error message.

A stack trace shows you where the code crash occurred, which is very useful in figuring out why it broke. But a stack trace itself doesn’t tell what exactly broke.

Was there an actual error message you should share?

If you’ve already spend hundreds of dollars on forum software, maybe consider spending a few dollars on hosting too? Invision Community is large, complex software which needs beefy hosting to run well.

Running heavy software like this on free hosting is like buying a racing track without having a car. Sure, it has many fun corners and fast straights, but you won’t be able to enjoy any of them yourself.


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