Error when trying to connect to FTP

Username: epiz_29610786

Error Message: Connection Timed Out: Connect

Other information: I’m using CyberDunk in Windows 10 and when I try to connect to FTP using the server name, It gives me the error.

Can your try with the hostname

Yes, and give me the same error

There seems to be an error with the FTP, I too got the same error.

Probably outages, restarts or ddos attacks

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It’s back working for me though!

For me give the same error



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Admin has pings turned off, so please

Oh ok, sorry for ping it

Can you share your domain? Is your account suspended? Have you read this article?

Could you please try connecting to FTP over a VPN? That could rule out any network level blocks, either to FTP in general or to our servers specifically.

If not, it would help a lot to have a bit more details. Does CyberDuck have any debug output you can provide? If not, could you try FileZilla and get some logs from there?


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