Error when i add a cname records dns for my domain

What I’m seeing on cpanel is:
Illegal characters in destination part. 6
Illegal characters in source hostname part. 10
Invalid Domain destination. 6

I want to change my dns for those of infinity free and to be able to request an ssl certificate but in this step it always causes an error

I checked your accounts, but the domain is currently not assigned to any account on InfinityFree. Can you please make sure that your domain name is assigned to a hosting account here?

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ok, i already assigned the domain to an hosting account, can you help me check it again please?

The domain still doesn’t seem to be in use here. It’s currently pointing to nameservers. If you want to setup CNAME records on our hosting, you’ll have to change that to and

And if you get this error while trying to add the CNAME record to’s nameservers, please contact them for help on how to use their DNS settings. I don’t know how those work or why they don’t accept your input.

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