Error using CloudFlare Nameservers

www . thicc - games . net (sorry 2 links limit)

when i point cname servers to main domain ( Screenshot by Lightshot )
it fowards me to .
Anyone know solution?

have you added your domain through addon domains in cpanel?

Please read topic- error using cloudflare NAMESERVERS Screenshot by Lightshot

Have you pointed it to your accounts IP address and cname record forwarding www. to your website?

what account ip address? what do you mean

look at screenshot what i did

What didn’t I understand? CNAME records seem correct, one of reasons why domain redirects to suspended site is because probably it is not Added through addon domains!


but i need to change nameservers when i want to use addon domains

Change it temporary (since CF allows for limited time), add it to addon domains, then change nameservers back to CF ones.

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ok ill try

You can just upload the screenshots here so you don’t have to use the links limit for those. It’s also easier for us that we don’t have to go to a third party site to see an image.


My little annoying owl just told me that your site works fine now :slight_smile:


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