Error SSL version or cipher mismatch

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I get the ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH error when trying to access my website on mobile google chrome, however it’s fine on desktop edge.

Other Information

The SSL im using is GoGetSSL and i also use cloudflare if thats helpful

Ill send a picture from cloudflare because i simply do not have much of an idea what im doing lol

oh yeah btw im using gogetssl from infinityfree, had no idea how to setup ssl on cloudflare

another reply, the error doesnt happen on the desktop chrome, so im even more confuzzled

Hi jayiceman1,

Since you may have tried to access your website on your mobile when the SSL is not yet ready, the certificate caches will always be in the not ready state until the cache expires, you can either clear data on the browser (this will also clear your saved login passwords and sessions with other websites, together with your browsing history depending on the browser app on your phone), or simply wait it out, normally its a day or so.



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