Error Ssl Certificate

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

The ssl certificate of the website that I received and installed from the Infinity website is identified as a problem on all SEO review sites and the website is invalid.
please check it

That’s the problem when using Lets Encrypt certificate. But you don’t have to worry about, your site will still works fine, get index and marked as a safe site.

I need a healthy certificate to increase my website score

Why not use Cloudflare ?

How can I do this?

Just simply create an account in cloudflare, point and add your domain to cloudflare nameservers and follow the remaining cloudflare instruction, its just so easy!


Is it free to work with?

Yes, its always free! There’s also an option on infinityfree cpanel to alter the cloudflare for your website immediately and faster for free. Check it out!


Please take the output of SEO validation sites with a grain of salt. Search engine providers don’t disclose exactly how they rank sites, so these “SEO experts” are just making an educated guess at best. Their tools can be broken too.


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