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Services for this domain name have been disabled.

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One of my students has a problem with his subdomain. He is a little desperate, because his schoolwork has gone (no back-up). Can you tell us what’s wrong or do something for him
Thanks in advance

The domain name does not appear to be assigned to any hosting account right now.

There are two reasons I can think of why this might happen:

  • Your student deleted the domain name from the account by accident. If so, nothing is lost, because all the files, databases, etc. of the website are still on the hosting account, so they can be backed up.
  • The hosting account was deleted due to inactivity. If a website doesn’t get any traffic for 30 days, the account is assumed to be abandoned and is removed. If this happened, then there is nothing we can do, because when an account is removed, it really is gone.

So I would advice your student to login to their client area and check if the account is still there. And if it is, that they download a copy of their website immediately.


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