Error reconnecting to the database

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I am getting this error from past some weeks and it comes while i am using my website.

I’m using this software:

I am using inifinity free and installed WordPress in your inifinity

Additional information:

Sometimes your site works fine, sometimes it doesn’t. So it means that the MySQL server you’re in is also having some problems, and it should be fixed soon by iFastNet, but I don’t have an ETA of it. Also, please don’t create multiple topics about this same issue.


Please fix it as early as possible because i am working from home ans it is very important for to get it fix.

We already are fixing it as early as possible. But please understand we can’t drop everything because a few websites are experiencing a few failed requests. If you require a highly available service for your work, maybe a business hosting plan, not a free hosting service, is more suitable to your needs?

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