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Hi , I am using Cloudflare , i am also using only https:// so all traffic goes to https version .
But the problem is with the custom error pages , if i set set cutom error pages like it shows http://
if i only write . Chrome says this page is trying to load scripts from untrusted source .

I didn’t get any error while doing what you said.
Try clearing browser cache because your browser might have cached the bad ssl.

How exactly did you set the custom error pages? Did you edit .htaccess rules manually, use the Error Pages tool in the control panel or use some other way?

is from CP
and the same problem is here

current problem is:

and when you correct that , your website will be https (green lock)

@Abdullah_Suleman please use monstaFTP and edit .htaccess file in htdocs folder of your domain

edit if needed to look like this:

# error redirect
ErrorDocument 404

* of course also for other error codes if you have it

after that please purge cache on cloudflare and in your browser

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also please fix errors in your website code

wrong <!DOCKTYPE html>

correct <!DOCTYPE html>

char encoding is not declared …put this after <head>

<meta charset="utf-8">

for all other errors use validator

Thanks the error is fixed

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