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i got this error:

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how to solved??

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Error 404 basically means that the webpage you are trying to access could not be found on the server.

So make sure index.html or index.php exist on htdocs folder. And also upload your files inside the htdocs folder.


Sounds like it’s due to htaccess file or your app. Since it may either show welcome page, or 403 error if there’s no file in htdocs.

  1. Can you check your htaccess file?

ok i try thanks

I had all files on htdog and i deleted htaccess file but still the same,anyway i’m using opencart

can this server use php 5.6 for free account

thanks guys already solved.

i got this error now why, anybody can help??SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT

It’s because you don’t have ssl to reach your site with HTTPS.


And if you want to have SSL, you can use the Free SSL Certificates section in the control panel to get it. Just follow the instructions on screen there.


Thanks everyone for help…

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