Error on control panel connection

Hi every body

Error Message

when y try to acces my control-panel, teh browser redirect me to :

and display an error message :

Not Found

The requested URL /panel/modules/signout/index.php was not found on this server.

somebody have some informations about that ?

Thanks and have a nice day

Signout works just file for me. Try from another browser or clear the cache. Guide:

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Hm, that is weird. Can you try clearing your cache, or trying with a different browser?


I have the same problem on

Maybe it effects several accounts and will be sorted for all of us at once

Thanks for all your replies

I tried all solution proposed but still not work…

My others accounts works fine… don’t understand

wait and see… If it’s still don’t work in a few days, I will create a new account…

I checked your accounts, and it seems that this issue was caused by account suspension getting stuck and not getting processed properly as a result.

Your account are marked as suspended now, which means you can now open a ticket in the client area to discuss what happens next to your account.

If anyone reading this also has this issue and sees their account marked as active, please try to reset your hosting account password from the client area. This will not work, but it will force a complete synchronization of your account status.



And try

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