Error Occurred when updating Plugin or uploading photo

Hello , can anyone help me with this error. I don’t know how to resolve it , and if i am searching on internet , there is no clue how to work with Infinity base.

If there is anyone who can help me , i will be very grateful.

The error for the Plugin:
An error occurred while updating All-in-One WP Migration: Could not create directory.

The error for the Photo:
The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads/2018/10.

It worked fine , until he decided to give me this error.

I can try to take a look at it and check for common issues, but I will need to know the URL or directory of your WordPress installation so I know where to look.

The website with the problem is

and if i am right , when i go to File Manager , the directory where the Wp is installed is in the 4th directory with the website name , in my case . When i open it gives me the directory “htdocs” and when i open this one , gives me 3 folders and some files. the first 3 folders are wp-admin/wp-content/wp-includes.

To tell you the truth , i don’t really know how to give you, what you asked me for.
I haven’t worked with websites, and this is something that i want to try and learn from the mistakes , that i make.

The only thing that is gonna work , because i had the same problem before, is if i delete all the files and wipe the website , and give it a fresh start.