Error Message When Attempting To Set Up MyBB From Softaculous Using A Custom Domain

404! We couldn’t find that page.

Hey, so I installed MyBB from Softaculous and connected the site to my custom domain right off the bat. At first, it would give me a “suspended website” error but I checked back after about 20 minutes and it had changed to “404! We couldn’t find that page.”. But now, it shows as 404! We couldn’t find that page. I already tried reinstalling MyBB from Softaculous and nothing changed, even after it said “successfully installed at”. Any help with this issue would be appreciated, thanks!

P.S, I originally created my site yesterday with an epizy domain and MyBB worked perfectly fine (when installed from Softaculous) but I created an entirely new account where I connected my custom domain, so that’s not the source of the error.

Hello and welcome.
Since you’ve registered and added your domain today, please see this article:

You can try clearing your browser cache.

Your website is working fine for me:


Hey, thank you for the advice but shortly after I posted this thread it started working. To any moderators reading this, feel free to close/delete the thread because my problem is solved.


I see you already marked a post as the answer. That’s great!

This is enough, however. We do not close topics on request. They will automatically close on their own.

And also, glad to hear that it is fixed!


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