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When you try to upload a picture through the admin panel on the site, an error occurs when uploading the picture to the server.

I’m assuming you mean through the FTP client. What kind of error occurs? Are you using an online FTP? If so, then it won’t work. You’ll have to use something like Filezilla.

Images are uploaded via ftp, but not via the site. Everything used to work fine. This is not an error in the site, because nothing has changed. You may need to increase the execution time of php scripts, but this is not accurate.

Is the file larger than 10mb? As that would stop it?

A file less than 10 MB. I tried it in a couple of KB

Like you say, It may time out (The php execution), So if it is that situation, there is nothing you can do.

This is a possible reason that I read about on the Internet. Everything used to work

I think that requires editing the php.ini script which is not allowed because it contains settings for all users on the server. Therefore, there is nothing you can do as @HaydenANG said.


Following the PHP upgrade of this week, the JPEG support is temporarily disabled due to complications with the upgrade. If your upload script also does JPEG manipulations like generating thumbnails or resizing the image, then that may not work right now.

It’s a known issue and will be resolved soon.


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