Error in override.php (not my file)

Website URL =

Error Message:
Fatal error : Cannot redeclare putenv() in /var/www/errors/override.php on line 9

It’s for sure not my file and AFAIK the upgrade at this domain is already completed.


This is the error

Cannot redeclare putenv()

Maybe check your include/require statements? Maybe the file containing the function is being required multiple times?

Try using “require_once()” instead of “require()”?

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According to file path, it is not related to my sources.
I double-checked my project - no any sources with similar name.
Just to be sure, I also searched for this file name inside my sources - also zero matches.
The path in this message is obviously related to hosting infrastructure.

Something happen on back-end side, and now the error disappeared.
This topic could be closed.
Thanks for support.


I’m glad to hear it’s working now.

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