Error in ftp connection and error to dowloads in file manager

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Good Morning.

Since yesterday I’m having difficulties connecting by FTP, I can’t at all, as I’m afraid it’s something more serious I tried to perform the backup through direct dowload in the file manager but without success, an error appears and the download doesn’t.

FTP error:

“Status: Resolving address
Status: Connection attempt failed with “EAI_NONAME - Neither nodename nor servname provided, or unknown”.
Error: Could not connect to server”

I searched the internet and found that the solution would be to remove the ftp from the host “” but if I remove the ftp I can’t authenticate the login

Error downloading in file manager

“An unknown error occurred during dowload”

Why would that be the solution? We don’t own, so you are no longer connected to our servers.

Please see this article:


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