Error in creating a new post in wordpress
Whenever I try to create a new post it shows There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.
When I go back, everything is normal again.
I am not being able to create new post as it keeps on showing this error

May we also see some screenshots?

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i know about this.
The problem which i asked is about when I add a new post.
I don’t have any broken plugin

Maybe your WordPress is corrupted:


Don’t use Always HTTPS on Cloudflare and just install the Really Simple SSL Plugin from Wordpress.

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Everything else is working fine in wordpress except the add new post

Also maybe you are right and I need to reinstall wordpress
Also it was working fine a few days before

It was already off
The ssl was supplied by infinityfree
What does really simple ssl plugin do?

Re-installed wordpress, still same problem
Everything else is working except adding a new post

it will rewrite all http requests to https from your wordpress site. Very useful if you encountered such a problem like this (yours).

I don’t think that is actually the problem because everything else is working fine

Otherwise try to install the plugin “Classic Editor” and enable it if your Gutenberg is broken.

activated classic editor, no change
(I would prefer to use elementor)

Then check to see if some of your plugins are breaking the Gutenberg editor on your website. Disable them all, then enable one after one and try to open the editor again. After you found the culprit, reinstall that plugin freshly again.


I have already fixed this kind of problem, and what I only do, is to disable the automatic http rewrites and always use https on cloudflare and then install the Really Simple SSL plugin.

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The problem was with the plugin smart slider 3 (had uploaded the plugin using ftp)

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