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I want to develop a contact form which sends e-mail to admin on form submission so I designed my form in HTML and written a PHP script using mail() function, but then I came to know that mail() is restricted on infinityfree so I was searching for an alternative solution, and I came across with a github repository which has a form developed with SMTP(which works on infinityfree) so I downloaded it and uploaded it on but when I open it then it shows me this error and also there’s no CAPTCHA verification box shown in form

Did you make sure to put your Google ReCaptcha private and secrete keys in the config.PHP file?


No, thanks for letting me know.

Now I haave inserted Google reCaptcha private and secret keys but now when I submit it then It shows error "no class found ReCaptcha/Recaptcha on line 19 in submit.php

How exactly did you download the contact form? Please make sure to download the “” file from the releases page: Release Release v0.2.1 · InfinityFreeHosting/contactform · GitHub

GitHub provides many other download buttons, but all of them provide the unprocessed source code. And this code processing is important, because some dependencies are installed with Composer. Don’t worry about Composer yourself though: just download which is ready to use!


Thanks for letting me know its working now :smiley: :smiley:

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