error in aadon domain .. This appears to be a subdomain you are adding (1008485)

Username epiz_26580942

This appears to be a subdomain you are adding (1008485)


So… is it a subdomain? What domain are you trying to add?

and my site site down since 6 day but you suspend my account… why?
Your account was suspended because you hit the CPU Limits

I just tried to add this domain name too and I got the same error as you did.

That said, I also noticed that your account has exceeded the inode limit by a lot. This may also impact the ability to add new domain names. So could you please reduce your inode usage first so it’s below the limit and then try to add the domain name again?

If it says your account is suspended for hitting the CPU limits, that’s probably caused by hitting the CPU limits.


its not inode prolem i have create new account for checking but addon domain have same error

Hmm, I just tried it on your other fresh account, and you’re right, it doesn’t work there either.

I did a bit of checking and I see the domain name is already in use on an account on Because Byethost and InfinityFree use the same systems, it’s not possible to host a domain with both providers at the same time.

So can you please check if you can remove the domain name from there? And if that’s not possible, maybe ask with Byethost/iFastNet how to remove the domain name?


byethost suspended my account …after the suspend addon domain option not show in account so how to remove my domain in byethost?

Like I said, you need to ask Byethost/iFastNet about this.

If you already did and they said something like “no, we won’t reactivate your account, find another provider”, then we cannot host your website either.


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