Error for autoload vendor

I’m having the error:


I’m doing an api and the autoload is giving a problem and I already uploaded ./vendor with all the files

Try solving the problem by reading this guide:


if you are hosting this ‘api’ it will not work, for url’s like, the security system will add ?i=1, and the system understands /link?link1 not /link?link1?i=1.

No, system already understands it and adds &i=1 instead, for example add an ?string in front of a site and it’ll append &i=1


and if you’re accessing through external service:


oooo, It’s getting smarter! But it would still mess with an API

Yup, but not due to that url request but due to if you access an site, it’ll load cookie append-er javascript snippet, then will redirect to its original content.
We don’t allow API to be hosted here and if they be, security system will not allow external softwares to access it.

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Yeah, I am working on an Anti-DDOS script, it runs a small JavaScript challenge and adds a cooie.

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