Error Filezilla: "Could not start transfer"

Username (e.g. epiz_32554032) or Website URL


Error Message: Filezilla: “Could not start transfer”


I’m trying to backup my website hosted on Infinityfree but there’s 2 specific files that are impossible to download and the name is “getid3.lib.php” and another one is an image, are these 2 specific files important or can I ignore them? If no, how can I download if I’m getting this error “Could not start transfer” on Filezilla

I believe you can right-click to re-queue the files for download


If you click the Disconnect and Reconnect buttons at the top, and the Reset and Requeue the failed transfers, it should just work.

If it doesn’t, can you please share the full logs from FileZilla (the stuff in the top panel)? The few lines in the screenshot don’t really tell me enough to understand what’s happening.


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