Error establishing a database connection

500 (Internal Server Error) & 403 (Forbidden)


The Error establishing a database connection seems to happen when I click on Customize within Wordpress. It seems like Wordpress is not getting permission from InfinityFree to access something. Using the console to debug, I can see that Error 500 Internal Server Error is being thrown, which in return does not allow me to customize the website (Error establishing a database connection) is shown.

Furthermore, I also can’t update any of my Wordpress pages, the console spams me with this error; 403 (Forbidden)

Please see attached screenshots for more clarifications of the errors mentioned above.

I have double checked the Credentials for my database within wp-config.php and everything seems to be fine. I have made a connection test file to test whether I can connect to my database and that seems to work. You can test my website using

This is what I see


Check out below for possible solution


Thanks for your reply,

Yeah, sorry I had to change the credentials inside the connecttest.php file. It should be able to connect now.

However, I still have the issue.


I see you are using CloudFlare.
Did you try this?



I have doubled checked that post and everything seems to be fine.

I have also tried to completely disable SSL without any luck.

I have tried completely removing the site from InifinityFree and adding it back again.

This is also one of the errors I get for trying to customize my page

Seems like there is an issue with permissions from InfinityFree. But I’m not sure how to get more access.


Strange, do you have any issues if you use the default theme?


Yeah I do.

I searched the web for this error message and I couldn’t really find a sure fire way to fix the issue. But all the issues seem to center around the internal permission system of WordPress, which is not a hosting issue.

Clearing browser cookies is said to help, and so does reinstalling the theme or plugin to which the action is related. Maybe you could try that?


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