Error establishing a database connection

I am using Infinity Free to develop a new Wordpress site. (
I have been going for about 4 weeks, but when making some edits today, I was unable to save a change, With an error message “Saving failed”.
On trying to load the homepage, I get a database connection error as per this title.

Any ideas, I can’t see any info. on server issues, and I am nowhere near any of the usage limits? As the site is under development, I haven’t set up my own back-ups, and it appears there may not be any automatic ones.

How big is the database? you can find this in phpMyAdmin.

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phpMyAdmin took a while trying to load, then didn’t shown any databases. When I tried the Connect Now! buton I got an error page.
Stats on the cPanel page show: |Disk Space Used:|167 MB||Disk Free:|4953 MB, Inodes Used:|25 % (7566 of 30019)|

When I go to “MySQL Databases” it isn’t showing any current databases!

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There is a little bug in the system, but it is easy to fix, see below

However, there is currently a bug in the system. If you install a script with Softaculous, a database is created, but this database doesn’t show up in the MySQL Databases and phpMyAdmin sections in the control panel. To make the database appear, you can find the database name in the installation details in Softaculous, and then use the MySQL Databases section in the control panel to “create” a database with the same name.

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Same problem here. i try login in filezilla to check my db info in wp-config.php but it say the server is down.

Just tried that, after a while it now says I am using 1 of 400 databases, but it is still not showing as a current database (after refresh). cPanel login has now been trying to connect for more than a minute - there must be something amiss in the system.

There are a few IPs down, but cPanel and phpMyAdmin are not. I think a few database servers may be down, though. Can you provide the database server?

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Softoculous says the database host is if that is what you need.


The outage from today affected / is affecting many servers, so it’s possible that your database server went down because of this as well.


Thank you, the WordPress site is back up and running now.
It would be useful to know where I can check for outages in the future to avoid chasing a problem that doesn’t exist.

Here on the forum :slight_smile:


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