Error establishing a database connection

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Error establishing a database connection

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my website has disappeared, i can still get in to my ftp and even m y hosting control panel, please let me know if the servers are down.


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My database disappeared, but that is an issue with the SQL server 102 I believe. Did you look if the database still there in the vista panel?


the database epiz_31259576_ is there

Yeap, it’s gone too. So we need to wait, I can ping the sql server but it is like frozen.

how often does this happen, i replace my site with anew one the last time this happed , thinking it was a virus or a hack attack.

Well, my site had issues for some time, I reported it yesterday because it was getting worse, last night, about 1-2am EST -5, it was working perfectly, now its gone. I did not backup the database after I finished last night, but I have a backup from yesterday, I could just open another account and restore the site, but they should fix the sql server anyway in some point, or I hope they will

Or I should said this morning…

agreed, i am backing up my site now, i may move back to another host service, this FREE site is becoming very Expensive!

Just a reminder to everyone here: we do experience some downtimes here, but they do not occur very often. When they do occur, we try our hardest to get to the bottom of it and make sure the service is back up and running promptly.

You can move it here, you just open another account, the sql server will be different, I was going to try that yesterday but because it was working perfectly I thought the problem was fixed, probably not, but I assume they are fixing it

your comments are appreciated.

To add, your database is probably just fine, the server just cannot be accessed. We will not know for sure until the server comes back online.

Most likely, you will be able to access your database will no data loss once the server comes back. Moving to account should get you on a different (working) server.

And once again, remember that this service is free, and it is certainly better then nothing. You are always welcome to upgrade to premium, where these kinds of things happen way less often.


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