Error establishing a database connection

Username (epiz_30309811) or Website URL
MySQL hostname:
MySQL username: epiz_30309811
Hosting Volume vol5_4
Error establishing a database connection. unable to open website.

repair it as soon as possible…

Databases are down again… Please be patient.


I have the same problem. haven’t been able to enter any of my websites\subdomains.

Is there any official post about this? any expected time to resolution? report on problem or progress?

Unfortunately, only Admin and @Oxy can create pinned topics. So there is not one at the moment.

Whenever iFastNet fixes it. They are also not very good at communicating these things to resellers, so its anyone’s guess.

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If you are trying to upload something to your site, wait for the upload to complete I have the same problem.
Wait for the installation to complete. If it doesn’t work, try deleting the site and reloading it, or check the database directly, if there is a problem, delete and open a new one.


Is there no one to solve it?

There is no way for you to solve it. iFastNet will solve it when they can figure out what is causing it. In the future, please do not create multiple topics and/or replies, one is plenty.

From today onwards i did not recommend any one to infinityfree.

smilehosy is far better than it

Great then move there soon! FYI that’s how the web works. Outages and data loss is general during an outage.


Please note that ALL MOFH resellers (Including smilehost) are affected by this issue. This is not affecting everyone, as I myself am not affected.

Note that iFastNet manages the servers of both companies, so moving wont really be helpful in the long run.

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but your website loads well on my end.

Yes. Because i’m using my personal web hosting…not

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